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2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron operates an 'intake' system for recruiting new cadets. We run 3 intakes per year - the next intake closes on the 5th August 2008. The intake system means you join the squadron with lots of other junior cadets and so go through your intial training together.

If you would like to join the squadron, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch regarding your interest, or ring the squadron on a Tuesday/Thursday night between 7-9pm.

We will ask you to visit the squadron with a parent or guardian, and one of the staff will have a short chat to take some contact details and find out a little bit about you. You will then have a tour of the squadron and be told about the massive amount of opportunities the squadron can offer.

Once you have finished your tour, you will then be given your start date - this is when you and all the other junior cadets in the intake attend the squadron from the first time to start discovering a world of opportunities!

So if you think you are up to the challenge...get in contact!

Join As An Adult Member of Staff

The Air Cadet Organisation could not survive without committed adult volunteers. On the squadron, there are 4 main adult staff 'roles', each of which have different roles, responsibilities and commitment requirements.

Adult volunteers in the ACO are responsible for providing the activites and training for the young people who attend the squadron. As a member of staff you can teach aviation subjects, go on courses to lead cadets in the outdoors, teach cadets marksmanship and many more opportunites.

Adults get access to all the activities available for cadets, by virtue of the supervision requirements - staff definately have fun too!

The different roles are shown below. To learn more about what is involved in each, please click on the role.

For more information, download our adult recruitment brochure here.



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