2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron Air Training Corps

Activities in the Air Cadets

The Air Training Corps actively encourages the provision of exciting and useful activities in order to fulfill its three main aims and most of these activities are provided free of charge as they are heavily subsidised by the RAF.

The range of activities are huge, but the main activities are described below.

Flying and Gliding

Viking Glider The most important activity in the Air Training Corps is the Flying and Gliding which is on offer. Cadets can get several flights per year in a mixture of powered light aircraft, powered gliders, unpowered gliders and other RAF aircraft. Cadets also have opportunities to gain gliding and flying scholarships, as well as become a staff cadet on a gliding squadron. To learn more about flying with 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron, click here.


Coaching on the range Shooting is another activity which is subsidised by the RAF, and thus completely free to the cadets. Each cadet has the oportunity to fire 3 different rifles throughout their cadet career and are taught a complete course of weapons safety before handling a rifle. Marksmanship is a skill practised often at 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron as we have access to a firing range close by. To read more about shooting in the ATC, click here.

Adventure Training

CI Leeder on a mine abseil Adventure training is one of the most varied acivities in the ATC; cadets have the opportunity to participate in many outdoor activities and all are lead by adult staff with appropriate National Governing Body qualifications. At 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron, we current have staff who are Basic Expedition Leader Award qualified, Mountain Leader trained, Single Pitch Award qualified, British Canoe Union Coaches.

Click on the links below to learn a bit more about the outdoor activities on offer:


Fieldcraft is the art of living outside in a 'tactical' military fashion; being able to keep yourself warm, dry and functional while at the same time being able to carry out complex tasks and missions. It includes camouflage & concealment, shelter building, cooking and eating in the field plus many other subjects. Cadets at 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron get to participate in a variety of fieldcraft exercises throughout the year.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Air Cadet Organisation is the largest operating authority in the UK for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. All cadets get the opportunity to complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards at the squadron. To read more about the details of the award scheme visit the Duke Of Edinburgh's Award website which has a wide variety of information on the award. The award is valued by schools and employers alike as an indicator of an individual's willingness to operate outside of their comfort zone.

The DofE


Air Cadets acoss the country have the opportunity to attend camps run at Squadron, Wing, Regional and Corps Level. Camps allows cadets to see how the RAF works, or to teach them skills or allow them to do a lot of adventure training. They can be overseas or in this country. To learn more about the camps available to cadets from  2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron click here.


Ceremonial activities are a feature of all military organisations, and the Air Cadets are no exception. 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron is often called upon for parades, ceremonies and otherwise. To learn more about the ceremonial duties we perform, click here.


2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron also raises funds for charities wherever possible, and some of our young people are responsible for organising this. Every year we raise money for Children in Need by abseiling from Tescos in Sevenoaks High Street as just one example. 


Cadets participate in regular sports evenings at the squadron where we play a range of team sports including football, volleyball and rounders.  There is also the opportunity for cadets to participate in sporting events at local and national levels within the ATC, this includes; netball, football, rugby, athletics, swimming, cross country and hockey.

Additionally at Sevenoaks cadets will get to experience archery and clay pigeon shooting. 

Interest Visits

Cadets regularly have the opportunity to discover new things in interest visits this includes;

  • MoD police dog demonstrations
  • Met police air support unit
  • Kent police firearms unit
  • Several British armed forces presentations
  • Regular visits to the Imperial War Museum
  • Duxford and Cosford air museums


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