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CI Aaron Boakes


Aaron started as a cadet with Biggin Hill Squadron way back in 2007 at the tender age of 13. He liked it, as he stayed with them until his 20th birthday in 2014, reaching the heady rank of Cadet Sergeant.

At this age you “age out”, and are faced with a choice; either stay on and become adult staff or leave the organisation. Aaron decided to stay and as his sister, Haley was staff at Sidcup he transferred to that Squadron. After six months at Sidcup, Hayley transferred to Sevenoaks and Aaron decided to follow. He obviously gets on well with his sister!

Outside of ATC, Aaron has worked for Lidl and is currently an Engineers mate at AGM Services. His passion is Air Soft, so on most weekends you will find him scrabbling round in a field shooting spherical plastic pellets at the enemy, whilst trying to avoid being hit. Apparently it is good fun! He lives in Sundridge and has yet to fly the nest.

We are very pleased that Aaron has recently passed his archery course, so he will now be able to teach basic archery skills to cadets. 

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