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OC FG Off Michael Horn


I am Flying Officer Michael Horn RAFAC and I took command of 2158 (Sevenoaks) Squadron from the 1st June 2021.

My 'career' in the Air Cadets Organisation started back in 1996 as a cadet on 714 (Selhurst) Squadron in Surrey wing. I spent a full 4 years here going away on camps in the UK as well as abroad , adventure training weekends. During my time here I moved up the ranks to become a Flight Sergeant Sadly the squadron was shut down in 2000 so I moved to 66 (Selsdon).

When I aged out as a cadet I moved in to a Civilian Instructor role and moved squadron to 219 (Sutton & Cheam) Squadron. As with many of us volunteers, work had different plans for me and after almost two years here, I moved back to 66 (Selsdon) Squadron. This time allowing me to get many of my current qualifications which I use within cadets, these include Basic Expedition Leader, Target rifle qualifications. I then did an interview in 2010 at Surrey wing HQ and was promoted to the rank of sergeant thus starting uniformed career in the cadets. In the 5 years I spent here I worked closely with Flt Lt Cleeter and his team at 66 on many adventure training activities and shooting activities along with assisting Surrey wing in the inter wing events. In 2018 I moved to 2520 (Tonbridge) Squadron as I moved home and out of the Surrey area, at this point I started put my skills to use here. In 2019 I was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer whilst at 2520 (Tonbridge) Squadron, then covid came a long and the cadet corps as well as everything else changed. The OC of 2158 stepped down and this gave me an opportunity to further gain experience in running a squadron as I volunteered to take over at 2158. While here in this time I decided to apply for a cadet forces commission, I passed the interview for this and again was promoted to the rank of Flying officer.

As you can see I have been new on many squadrons in my time, but never felt more welcome than I have by moving here. Coming in to a new squadron and taking command is always a disruptive time. However I have a very good staff team here at 2158 to ensure we are able to provide fantastic opportunities to your sons and daughters.

Outside of the Air Cadets I am a lift/elevator repairs supervisor to a large company. The cadet career I have had has helped me get to where I am, and when I'm not out doing cadet activities, I am at home teaching my young son all he wants to know.

My door is always open should you need any information on upcoming activities/training. I look forward to meeting you all soon. 

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